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Links to Rose and other Garden Suppliers

Please note : These links do not necessarily represent an endorsement of a product or a company. WRRS is not responsible for any claims made by products or companies listed.

However, if members of our society report bad products or services, you can rest assured that you will NOT find that product or company listed. Or at least we will comment about it.

Help Me Find is a great database that lists roses, clematis and peonies. While we don’t have much experience with the clematis or peonie database, the rose data base is probably one of the most thorough. If you want to know about a rose, any kind of rose, this would be the first place to look.

Rosemania is located in Tennessee. Owned by Hybridizer and Rosarian Robbie Tucker, they supply everything from Bare Root Roses, miniature roses, minifloras and just about every type of pruner, sprayer, fertilizer, fungicide, etc. Check this one out! VERY WELL STOCKED!

Dave’s Gardens (Community information forum) Highly recommended Garden Forum. There is a great deal of information on gardening, products, companies, etc. Do Check out the Garden Watchdog Feedback Forum. If you are not sure about a company, check the listing here to see what other gardeners have experienced.

Roses Unlimited Highly Recommended. Everything is grown on its own roots (no grafts). You must send email or call to place orders as there is no online ordering capability.

Mills Mix Purveyor of the famous Mills Mix products including Mills Magic Rose Mix, Bloomkote, etc.

Palatine Roses located in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada. Our club purchases many bareroot roses from this nursery. Our members drive up to Ontario to pick up the roses ordered to save on shipping. These roses have proven to be winners because they have been raised in similar and much of the time harsher conditions than we have in Cleveland. We order for Autumn plantings so keep this in mind if you want to order through WRRS. Webmaster says all, repeat all of her roses from Palatines are outgrowing the other roses IN THEIR FIRST YEAR. Testament to the quality.

Good Earth Organic Rose Care For those who are into Organic Gardening, this site provides much information on just that topic. Many of our WRRS members are using organic methods so this is a much visited site.

David Austin Roses, Limited (USA) Best selection of David Austin Roses in the United States. Located in Texas. Expensive!

John’s Miniature Roses Located in Oregon, nice selection of miniatures, some that no one else has. Located in Oregon.

Heirloom Roses Located in Oregon. Own root cuttings.

Chamblee Roses Chamblee’s Rose Nursery is located in Tyler, Texas. They have both a catalog and online ordering available. Nice inventory of all kinds of roses including Griffin Buck.

Antique Rose Emporium specializes in Old Garden Roses with a few Modern roses thrown in. They are located in Brenham, Texas. Great Quality from this group but can be a little expensive. Plants are large though which explains the higher price. Just be advised. Webmaster has very good experiences with this group.

Two Sisters Roses Two Sisters Rose Nursery is located in Chickasha, Oklahoma. They have both a online ordering and Mail order available. Nice inventory of Whit Wells Minifloras. Own Root roses only. (Note : Webmaster had a very positive experience with this company. Received Three Whit Wells Minifloras in fine condition.)


Blevins Daylily Farm Varieties not often seen. They use the proceeds to fund their Animal Farm Sanctuary.

Smokeys Daylily Gardens Nice prices on many pretty flowers.

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